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Washington (CNN) - Ann Romney has pinned herself a new role in her husband’s presidential campaign.

The wife of presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently began using the social media site Pinterest. The official Mitt Romney Twitter feed drew attention to the site Tuesday by posting, “Ann’s way ahead of me on this one – check out her Pinterest page here”

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Ann Romney has nearly 2000 followers on Pinterest and which will likely grow with the new attention from her husband.

Pinterest is an image sharing social media site where users organize their interest onto virtual boards.

Ann Romney has seven virtual boards on Pinterest. Her posts are focused on her family life, highlighting behind the scenes campaign photos, favorite recipes, her favorite books and patriotic images.

The Romney campaign has made a big push towards using social media as a key campaign tactic.

As social media evolves so do the campaigns, Romney is not the only one to embrace Pinterest. There is a Pinterest account in Newt Gingrich’s name and every candidate actively promotes their message via Twitter.

At the start of his 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney launched a social media site for his supporters to create a MyMitt account that links social media sites to his campaign site.

President Barack Obama has also focused heavily on social media. In 2008 Obama offered his own social network at or myBO.

The Obama re-election campaign has promised a continued effort in using social media in the campaign, but while there are several photos of first lady Michelle Obama on Pinterest, she does not have a personal profile.

The first lady did recently join Twitter, where just yesterday she wished President Obama a “Happy President’s Day to my personal favorite, @BarackObama.”

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